The Sum of Experiences

The year 536 AD is said to have been the worst year to be alive. It started on a Tuesday and its 365 days mostly consisted of darkness, cold and shortage of any kind of good news. Google for details. We could argue that 2020 felt just as uplifting, but the good news, it’s over. Now we’re left with the task of redefining how we’re supposed to learn from life in the 21st century, pandemic or not. Everything has been set in motion.

Not to get all existentialist, but our purpose in life is plain and simple: experience it, experience life. When it gets hard, too adverse or too lonely, we may feel a bit lost, that’s why you must do one thing: choose your experiences wisely, both the good ones, and the bad ones. This is an attempt to study how ordinary decisions can make up your life by optimizing the lessons and the joys in a diseased world. I hope you brought your dark sense of humor and your best spirit.

In the end, whether you get 20 or 100 years on Earth, you are still the sum of your experiences. Less heartbreaks, more about letting go. Enjoy yourself in this one, phenomenal life.



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